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Magpie presenters Jenny Hanley, Mick Robertson and Doug Rae on GMTV.

Jenny Hanley, Mick Robertson and Douglas Rae, three of the presenters of the 70's children's tv show Magpie, interviewed on ...

Magpie - 21 October 1975

Hosted by Jenny Hanley, Douglas Rae and Mick Robertson. In this episode they explore all aspects of canal boating.

Amelia Young, cello, with Jennie Hanley on Magpie.

13 year old Amelia Young plays a cello duet with famous Magpie presenter Jennie Hanley, and demonstrates the different cello ...

Solar Powered car | Power of the sun | Alain Freeman | Inventor | Magpie | 1977

'Magpie' presenter Jenny Hanley takes a look at how the power of the sun could possibly be used to power our vehicles. In this ...

Scars of Dracula 1970 Trailer HD | Christopher Lee | Jenny Hanley

Scars of Dracula 1970 A young man, Paul Carlson, is on a trip and spends the night at count Dracula's castle. Needless to say, he ...

Jenny Hanley

Jenny Hanley is an English actress.

Telly Addicts - Christmas Special (1990)

The Elves (Jenny Powell, Tony Hart, Jenny Hanley, Leslie Crowther) The Pixies (Brian Cant, Andi Peters, Cheryl Baker, John ...

What's Good for the Goose | Full HD Movies For Free | Flick Vault

A middle aged banker picks up two young free minded women on his way to a banker's convention and falls head over heels for ...

Magpie (6 June 1980) - The Final Episode

The very final episode of kids magazine show Magpie. Hosted by Mick Robertson, Tommy Boyd and Jenny Hanley.

The Ballad Of Tam Lin - AKA The Devil's Widow ( Film - 1970)

The Ballad Of Tam Lin - AKA The Devil's Widow ( Film - 1970) (Music by the Pentangle - The opening song is 'The Best Part Of ...

Sky One - 1989 - Sky promo (We're the One!) into Sky by Day

presented by Tony Blackburn and Jenny Hanley.

How to make Chocolate | Chocolate Production | Magpie | 1970s

Charbonnel et Walker first opened its doors in old Bond Street in 1875. Magpies's Jenny Hanley visits the famous confectioner too ...

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