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Entrevue / Intervista a Gino Garbellini e Antonio Perazzi

Entrevue / Spazio Gino Garbellini ( Architect & co-founder Studio Piuarch) Antonio Perazzi (Landscape Architect, fouder Studio ...

Caterina (Fox ballabile) Harmonica

Eseguito con Harmonica cromatica HOHNER in DO (C) Instrumental song performed with harmonica Auguri di un buon 2020 ...

Solo for Shadows - montage démo

Portraits dansés de l'ombre - Un spectacle conçu et interprété par Caterina Perazzi.

Ferme les Yeux / Shut Your Eyes trailer for the theatre production (Voice of Shade / Kimera)

this trailer is of the version of the production with actors Maryline Guitton and Nikolai Galen; the play was directed by Caterina ...

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Groovy NuVoices & friends

Merry Xmas! The NuVoices Project & Groovy Friends (Blane/Martin/Berlin/Wade/Gruber/Mohr) Arr.Rudy Fantin The NuVoices ...

Vittorio e il Lavandino del B&B

Divertentissimo anche questo xDD.

Frontiers: journalists, photographers and authors on the migrant tragedy

A reflection on the narration of the tragedy of migrants, as seen from different perspectives. With Matina Stevis, WSJ Africa ...

2. Podcast - What does it mean to be a man? (Tommy)

PART2: Podcast - What does it mean to be a man? Intervista a #Tommaso Cattani (@cattani_tom) sul suo punto di vista.

ANANKE - extraits de la performance Volcano

Rencontres d'artistes/Performances - Un projet de Ludovic de Valon, Delphine Brual, Victor Kolbitr, ensemble avec : Sylvie Le sec ...

Freatlones Live 2009

Live Comoedia (PC) 2009 con Pago Band: Marcellino Morelli: voce Andrea Carpena: chitarre Marco Pampurini: basso elettrico ...

Mister Topolini 2014 - 33 Vincenzo Taglialatela

Mister Topolini 2014 - 33 Vincenzo Taglialatela.


Canto popolare interpretato con l'armonica.

Shut Your Eyes film trailer

Story: A stormy couple in real life who came back together to make a film where, try as they might, they couldn't avoid falling into ...

Sáu Nữ Tu Trong Một Tu Viện Miền Bắc Nước Ý CHÚA Đã Gọi Về Với CHÚA

► Để ủng hộ Donate cho kênh : ► Mời mọi người cùng Đăng Ký: ...

WACV20: Oral 1B: Biometrics

00:00 Cross-Domain Face Synthesis using a Controllable GAN Fania Mokhayeri (ETS); Kaveh Kamali (ETS Montreal); Eric ...

Sportello Stage - Video Cv di Ylenia Sugamosto

Settore d'interesse: Customer Relatione Città: Milano.

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