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ACTING TRAINING - A Glitch in the Routine

Acting Training are interactive workshops that combines a series of theatrical exercises with acting techniques and processes to ...

Back Bend

Back bend on the rooftop - Beirut.

KUNDALINI | Meditation to Alleviate your Stress

5min (Can go up to 11 min) An excellent everyday practice. Done in the evening it will wash the stress from your body and your ...

Kundalini Yoga | Stress Backpack Meditation No.4

6min (Can go up to 11 min) This meditation neutralizes the central part of the brain and makes you sharp-witted. It is the answer to ...

KUNDALINI YOGA | Kriya Anti-Depression and Brain Synchrony

9min (meditation up to 16min) By meditating this way, depression can be alleviated. The hemispheres gradually synchronize with ...

Bloc Note - Phillipe De Bustros - Carole Babikian Kokoni 23 Mar 2013 Thousands of cultural events happen all around the country every year. Knowing about them is not ...

La Diaspora Africaine est elle consciente ??? ( Geum sa Bopp)

Bonjour ,dans cette vidéo je vais vous parler de la diaspora consciente quels sont les défis que nous devons relever pour la ...

python programming #2

Afaan oromoo version 2019 start simply programming.

Tony Ammoun - Adaish kan fi nass - اديش كان في ناس

اديش كان في ناس طوني عمّون.

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