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Carol Drinkwater discusses her new book, The Olive Tree

Author and acress Carol Drinkwater walks you through her olive groves, discussing The Olive Tree, her new book. The Olive Tree ...

Carol Drinkwater: The House on the Edge of the Cliff

No one else knows what happened that summer. Or so she believes. Grace first came to France a lifetime ago. Young and full of ...

Carol Drinkwater - The Olive Farm

Carol Drinkwater talks about her book "The Olive Farm"

The Book Channel Episode 4, Carol Drinkwater, The Olive Tree

The Book Channel visits Lowdham Book Festival and presenter Tina Bettison talks to actress and author Carol Drinkwater about ...

SOUTH OF FRANCE: Author Carol Drinkwater talks about The Forgotten Summer set in the South of France

The Forgotten Summer is set in the South of France and beautifully evokes the area ...

Carol Drinkwater does the Ice Bucket Challenge

Der Sheri Gill, I have accepted your challenge. Cxx.

Carol Drinkwater - The Olive Route

Carol Drinkwater talks about her book "The Olive Route"

Anna Fill Interviews - Carol Drinkwater

In a very noisy restaurant in the South of France, Anna Fill talks to Carol Drinkwater about her life, her work and her vision.

Carol Drinkwater opowiada o swoich książkach

Carol Drinkwater, znakomita irlandzka aktorka i bestsellerowa pisarka, opowiada polskim czytelnikom o swej "oliwkowej serii".

Bion's A Memoir of the Future - the unfinished movie [subtitled]

Bion's Memoir of the Future – about the film This is an introduction to the film based on the autobiographies of Wilfred Bion, ...

Carol Drinkwater - The Olive Harvest

Carol Drinkwater talks about her book "The Olive Harvest"

Tea With Carol Drinkwater and The Literary Women of Bantry at Bantry House

On the Seventh day of the 2010 Festival , noted Actress Carol Drinkwater ( "All Things Good and Small") gave a talk at a Tea held ...

Carol Drinkwater (Actress),Marla Strab (Mountain Biking) The Woman's Connection® w/BSwitzen

Carol Drinkwater: being an actress as an entrepreneur and owning an olive grove. Besides having an active theatrical career ...

Stars Reunited - All Creatures Great and Small

This was the first Stars Reunited to be broadcast and it was shown on 7th July 2003.

My Story: Suffragettes By Carol Drinkwater Book Review

Our first book review and it's a good'un - check Diary of a First Child for more info on the book!

Carol Drinkwater - The Olive Season

Carol Drinkwater talks about her book "The Olive Season"

Carol Drinkwater odwiedziła warszawski empik!

Zapraszamy do obejrzenia relacji ze spotkania z pisarką!

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