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Stretch & Strengthen Yoga Flow

45 minute flow to help stretch those hard to reach muscles while adding some strengthening poses to help leave you feeling ...

QUICK Bikini Bootcamp!

Grab those weights and join me on your mat for this super quick, sweat inducing, body sculpting workout! It's fun and suitable for ...

Yogalates Sculpt

Yoga-Mat Pilates-Weights GET IT! IG @caramiaprovenzano.

HIIT Pilates

Break a sweat! No gym equipment needed! IG @caramiaprovenzano.

BEYOND Belly Blast!

A little bit of cardio A WHOLE lotta Abs! For 20% off my mat and props visit the link below and use code: JediYogaWarrior ...

40 minute ISOMETRIC Workout

Holding body weight drills anywhere from 30-60 seconds. By contracting our muscles at their peak resistance points we will build ...

FAST & LOUD Resistance Band workout

19 exercises 19 minutes Resistance Bands optional! We leave no muscle behind!! CRANK IT.

Yoga to Balance out the Nervous System

Grab your blankets, blocks and pillows. We've got a “slowdown” taking place throughout the body and mind. Extremely relaxing ...


Start in Savasana with a few deeper, longer stretches. Finish with fire, standing at the top of the mat.


4 workouts! Each workout consists of 2 exercises Each exercise is done 4x GET'ER DONE!


Prepare to strengthen, stretch and SWEAT! This power sequence is a bit more intermediate due to my lack of cueing, but easy to ...

Full Body Slow SCULPT

20 mins All you need is your body and a set of weights to get the sweat drippin!! Holla I actually forgot an exercise soooo there's ...


For 20% off my antimicrobial cork mat visit the link below and use code: JediYogaWarrior ...

Beginner Flow

A basic, yet creative flow with a bit more focus on cueing and direction.


Sequence focuses on posture while bringing strength and balance into the body All mats and props are 2ndWindHealth For 20% ...

Tabalates Sculpt

Be prepared to sweat! Tabata intervals combined with Pilates using weights and resistance bands. Don't mind the music overlap ...


4 sequences followed by a stretch for the win.

Happy Hips Flow

Gentle yoga flow focusing on opening the hips and stretching the lower body.

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