Bruna Rubio – видео

Kenny G fun interview with Bruna Rubio

kenny g inteview for tv show rodando rodando.

bruna rubio spanish hosting demo reel

for bookings call agent at 8184309661.

old bruna rubio acting demo reel in spanish :)

bad quality since it was on european system and just got changed to american.... you know old school lol.

bruna rubio host reel english

Bruna Rubio is a tv host for both the spanish market and english one.

Bruna Rubio Hollywood Streets for tv show Rodando Rodando

Talking about the crazy characters at the hollywood stars.

Bruna Rubio TV Host Oscar Event 2012

Behind scenes oscar night.

Stage 22 Event Hosted By TV Host Bruna Rubio In Hollywood

Event At stage 22 Hosted by Bruna Rubio.

bruna rubio english hosting demo reel

for bookings contact agent at 818 4309661.

katie cazorla painted nails interview with bruna rubio

Fun interview with fun reality star Katie Cazorla from "the painted nails "

Bruna Rubio Hollywood Streets Chinese theater for TV show Rodando Rodando

Talking to the freaks at Chinese theater Hollywood stars.

chuck ladell interview on transformers red carpet with bruna rubio

chuck ladell interview on transformers red carpet for the new ride at universal studios. Fun interview with him and bruna rubio for ...

Petra Kuklova/ TV Host Bruna rubio

Behind scenes of the taping of tv show Rodando Rodando Hollywood.

Matthew McAllister - 1974 David Rubio 'PF': Classical Guitar at Guitar Salon International

Scottish guitarist Matthew McAllister was in the US on tour with his duo - the Agnew McAllister Duo, with Aisling Agnew on flute ...

Bruna Rubio TV HOST/ actress Sophia Bush

OSCAR EVENT 2012 Bruna Rubio TV Host.

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