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Brenda Scott

Interview with Brenda Scott at the 2012 SFGFF Launch Party.

The Virginian - Jed - Steve Ihnat, Doug McClure & Brenda Scott

Trampas meets old friend Jed Matthews. But Trampas doesn't realize that Jed is a hired gun who has come to Shiloh to settle a ...

Traditions - by Brenda Scott

A story about the loss of traditions, the importance of ceremonies, and efforts to bring back the old ways. In this powerful story, ...

Brenda Scott

Blues at the Malthouse.

Lady Gaga You and I Cover (Brenda Scott & Bobby Baker)

Lady Gaga..You and I..Cover at Open Mic at O'Reilly's in St. John's, NL....Brenda Scott & Bobby Baker...Recorded on digital ...

A tribute to Brenda Scott

Glenn and the men singing for Brenda's funeral . She loved the songs at VBS.

From The Heart - Brenda Scott -E06

On this episode of "From The Heart" TV99NMS's, Evelyn Mason, sat down with Brenda Scott to talk about a new cookbook put ...

Brenda Scott, Wildfire Ladies Cigar Society - SG #306

This week Drew and Joe Interview Brenda Scott, Texas Brand Ambassador, Mother of 5, President of Wildfire Ladies Cigar Society ...

DJ Lilman Anthem Part 2 Brenda Scott Academy Version

Filmed Count day Feb 2015 at the Middle School Count day dance.

Brenda Scott Academy

Sorry I'm a no crunchy Hehe.

Search Continues For Hit-And-Run Driver That Killed 64-Year-Old Woman

Brenda Scott had three adult children. Greg Mills talked to her friend and family.

What to Know About Brenda Scott Academy

Adjusting to new district and curriculum, Brenda Scott Academy an Educational Achievement Authority school.

Brenda Scott Academy Spring Concert 2014

Spring Concert taped on June 17, 2014 showcasing band and musical talents hosted by Mr. Keranen and Mrs. McCall.

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