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Hokkaido Milk Bread

Really easy to make and could stretch proofing tome in the fridge. Life is good! First prepare the Yudane: 40 grams bread flour ...

My Journey in Singapore

It's been an existing and educating adventure in Singapore for the past 4.5 yrs. I want to thank my family and friends as I bid ...

韓君婷 Cake Vlog #2

Making Macarons with a Strawberry Cream Cheese Filling.

White bread made with Poolish

I made a white loaf with poolish which is a pre-ferment. I made a mistake by using the same pot to proof and back in. The bread ...

Making Tom Yum Soup and speaking in Cantonese

Really easy way to make Tom Yum Soup just like in they would at home. Everything is made to suit your own taste.



My Sourdough Cinnamon Buns Vlog

A successful day making Sourdough Cinnamon Buns. Crispy crunch on the skin but fluffy soft in the inside. Just the right amount of ...

Belinda Cake vlog #1

Super Easy Polka Dot Cake.

Making Sourdough Pancakes from our daily discard

Homemade Sourdough Pancakes made using daily discard. Very fluffy and smelled so good throughout the preparation and ...

Easy Homemade I Flour Tortilla

Easy peas flour Tortillas you can make in advance. The smell of sweet dough permiates the whole house once these darlings hit ...

經歷肥瘦鼻歪 韓君婷轉行做美容白老鼠

現年41歲、97年亞姐冠軍韓君婷,當選後在娛樂圈打滾至今19年,曾因40吋坐圍被取笑做「籮霸」,過去十多年體形又脹又縮。前年她在 ...

Making Chinese Steamed Bao

They were easier to make than anticipated. Chinese Bao or steamed buns seems to.intimidate alot of people the way baking ...

漂亮 女星 相片 (40) 韓君婷 Belinda Hamnett

韓君婷(Belinda Hamnett,1976年9月28日-)是香港的女藝人,前香港亞洲電視及前無綫電視女藝員,她在年青時曾經成為《Yes!》

Prisoner: Cell Block H - Episode 265

Episode 265. All rights to their owners. "Prisoner: Cell Block H" "Episode 265" "Ep265" "Ep0265" "Complete Episode" "Complete ...

A morning, in my day

Went to Cosmoprof HK 2016 Fun look around, was crowded and hot hot hot.

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