April Potter – видео

April Potter freestyling to Bodak Yellow by Cardi B

April Potter busting out a freeestyle to Cardi B garage style!

Harry Potter TV Show: The Aurors - Official Trailer

April Fools' Day 2011 - The Harry Potter books and movies have ended, but the epic battle against dark magic rages on. See the ...

April Potter Walk It Like I Talk It

April Potter freestyling to Migos featuring Drake Walk It Like I Talk It!

Why Harry Potter made me angry and 2 books made me cry at 1 AM in bed (April Wrapup)

In my monthly book wrapup, I talk about my new favorite character from Harry Potter and why historical romance is better than ...

April Potter 2

April Potter is Freestyle pop locking in Vegas for her dance teacher Josh Curtis.

April Potter freestyling to Wait by Maroon 5

April Potter of J3K Dance Company freestyles to Maroon 5 's Wait.

April Potter performing her solo Glow Up by Meek Mills

This is April Potter Glowin Up at Countdown Nationals 2018 in Palm Springs. She was knockin out her solo under the direction of ...

Your Breaking Point Is Your Breakthrough Point - Bishop T.D. Jakes

One might ask why some prayers seem to stir up an immediate response from God, while others seem to take a lifetime? Although ...

Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter Theme) - Kalimba Cover by April Yang

The notes of 30 keys kalimba were still not enough for this music. I just played a small piece of it. Maybe try it again when ...

Harry Potter Subscription Box | The Accio Box April 2020

Today we are opening a NEW subscription box on the channel! While the Accio Box has been around for a while, we have never ...

Harry Potter Sings A Song (Felt cute might delete later, APRIL FOOLS Song!)

Harry Potter is the story of a kid growing up in Long beach surrounded by gangsters and witches, he just wants to be an ordinary ...

why i don't like Harry Potter anymore... (April Fools)

here's why i don't like Harry Potter anymore.... i am a terrible actor... (if you still don't get it: check the date ...

April Potter That’s What I Like (Bruno Mars) Freestyle

April Potter freestyle dancing to Bruno Mars at Universal Studios top level of Parking Lot.

April Potter- Demo Reel

A small snippet if some of my recent work.

Rainy Day... April Potter had to freestyle

April Potter decides to do a little freestyle on a rainy day to the hip version of You're Welcome from Disney's Moana.

Hagrid’s Trunk Unboxing | April 2020 | Harry Potter Subscription Box

Hey guys!! Welcome back to another magical unboxing!! This is the very last box from Hagrid's Trunk! This is their April Box ...

PREPARING for April Community Day in WIZARDS UNITE || Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Are you preparing for April Community Day in Wizards Unite? So are we, here's our day 1 vlog of our 5 day prep of April ...

April Potter Walking It Out

Freestyling to Walk It Out.

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