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Anne Bedian

The Ex List: Marina the psychic's shrine to Armenians.

Anne Bedian

Ex List Behind The Scenes 1.

Interview Anne Bedian & Elizabeth Reaser

Behind the scenes on The Ex List.

Anne Bedian

Anne Bedian.

Anne Bedian

On the set of The Ex List.

Curb Your enthusiasm Season 8 - Yarmulke Alert

This is probably my favourite scene from season 8 so far. Larry and a newly enlightened Funkhauser have a small confrontation.

ANNE BEDIAN (Actress - Amira LOST) - Autograph Collection Showing FREEZE

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Anne Bedian

Deep In The Heart Film Festival Best Actress for Short: I Promised Her Life.

Anne Bedian

Artificial Lies.

A grieving mother defies an Armenian ritual and tests the limits of tradition. | I Promised Her Life

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On set on The Ex List - Anne Bedian

Behind the scenes: On The Ex List, Marina the Armenian psychic played by Anne Bedian.

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