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Amy Yip 葉子楣 : 外號「超强波霸」

Amy Yip 葉子楣葉子楣(英文名:Amy Yip,1966年7月10日-),原名葉蘇群,生於香港,籍貫廣東台山,香港1980至1990年代知名艷星 ...

AMY YIP PAU - CHINESE STEAMED BUNS (Eating Show - Mukbang) Peggie Eats S02E09

Eating Amy Yip Big Paus and other Chinese Steamed Buns! Also showing you a good technique for eating the buns :) Pau Eating ...

China Dolls [FULL ACTION MOVIE] English Subtitled (RATED R)

A young mother loses her husband in a fight with the police, and have to give up her son for adoption. After six years, she tries to ...

Amy Yip Chi-Mei - Run away love (Crazy 4 Ur Luv).wmv

Easily, the hottest woman that has ever existed...stroke away my friends!!!

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Amy Yip 葉子楣 《聊齋艷譚續集五通神》Classic

Amy Yip 葉子楣《聊齋艷譚續集五通神》Classic Subscribe For More Videos WEBSITE Sexy Models Exposed ...

AMY YIP 葉子楣 - 你可懂得我 / 岷江夜曲

葉子楣十分坦白(1992 EMI) 你可懂得我閃呀閃天上的星星搖呀搖憂鬱的你讓我們啊歡樂不停舞池人影沸騰忽然見到沉默的你獨自站在 ...

JAIL HOUSE EROS (1990) trailer

Amy Yip stars in this silly women-in-prison film. Besides the sleaze you expect from these movies there's also stupid comedy, ...

Robotrix - Original Trailer (1991); HK-Sci-fi-Action with Amy Yip

Trailer (c) Mega Star Video Distribution for Hong Kong classic sci-fi action flick ROBOTRIX directed by Jamie Luk starring Aoyama ...

The Magnificent Scoundrels (1991) ORIGINAL TRAILER

The original trailer of the Magnificent Scoundrels directed by Lik-Chi Lee. Starring Stephen Chow, Wu Ma, Tien Niu and Amy Yip.

Devil Touch 致命性騷擾 2002

Office worker Amy goes berserk and tries to stab her boss, Cheuk, accusing him of sexual harassment and rape. The higher-ups ...

Faces of Olive Garden | Amy Yip

Meet one of the Faces of Olive Garden, Amy Yip, general manager in Springfield, NJ.

Hong Kong policewoman revived in new robot body | 'Robotrix' (1991)

Absolutely bonkers, Hong Kong's mature version of RoboCop 😱 Watch the full movie on Prime Video: Or ...

Amy yip swimsuit

Amy yip swimsuit contest.

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