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Amy Ingersoll talks about health care for everyone

Watch Amy Ingersoll talk about why everyone deserves a health care system that works.

Science Weight Loss Amy Ingersoll

Nick Losole talks about the Science behind weight loss, getting coaching from an Obesity Medicine Specialist and how to ...

Amy Ingersoll Introduction

A short video introducing myself and a little bit about me personally.

Interview with Amy Ingersoll Obesity Medicine Specialist

Nick Losole interviews Amy Ingersoll, Obesity Medicine Specialist. She started him on the path to eventually losing 70 LBS and ...

Arizona Health + Wellness, Program Director: Amy Ingersoll

AZ Health + Wellness in Phoenix is helping people manage their weight successfully. We Are a Comprehensive, Physician Led, ...

"I'm taking pictures"

Maria is a liar(; No Haters ! YOLO !(:

Assessing for Autism Spectrum Disorder through Telehealth

LEND Trainee Amy Shafer discusses her project: Assessing for Autism Spectrum Disorder through Telehealth

Amy Surratt Winter Snow (Chris Tomlin/Audrey Assad)

I recorded this for a DVD Special @ Seacoast Grace Church Band: Lead Vocal: Amy Surratt Keys: Daniel Viramontes Bass: Ryan ...

Perfect Sense

Me and My friend Maria (: We were playing a game called Perfect Sense and then we got distracted (: No Haters YOLO !(:

Mental health in the age of violence: Dr. Elliott Ingersol at TEDxCLE 2013

Elliott Ingersoll is a licensed psychologist and clinical counselor in Ohio. He is professor of counseling/counseling psychology and ...

A Visit With Robert Ingersoll

A short sampling of this one-man show featuring actor Richard McNally as "The Great Agnostic." Produced by Atheists United, Los ...


Im weird ... This duck is entertaining ! No Haters ! YOLO !(:

Worship Service for May 24, 2020

Please use the digital connect card to connect and share how you're doing ( Please help me plan by providing ...

Back to the starting line

Me and Maria just having fun no ride comments (: we're just having fun cause we can .... NoHaters ! YOLO !(:

Knightriders (1981) Trailer - Color / 2:28 mins

Knightriders, also known as George A. Romero's Knightriders, is a 1981 American drama film written and directed by George A.

Best, Best Man Speech EVER!!

Michael Ingersoll nailed it! Had everyone laughing and crying all at the same time. A memory that will last a lifetime...

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