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Alyson McKenzie Wells First Trial Reel

This is my first trial reel. More to come soon!

Let You Go

A small monologue project where I am saying goodbye to the man I love.

The Meaning of All Things

A short independent in which a young woman married to a United States Marine who is off fighting oversees struggles with day to ...

The Elevator

A Dorito's Commercial for the Super Bowl! I am the sassy executive.


A short film where I play the unexpected decoy in order to win a chess championship.


A short film based off of the idea of "Cinderella" in which I pay the evil sorority sister, aka the evil step sister.


A short film where I play the secret killer. Based off of a myth.

every girl's dream

A psycho short in which I speak about the man I love.


Short film where I play a sassy clerk at a bakery. Find my clip at 1:59 and again at 4:46.

Pirate Dreams

A silly short in which I play the girl in both reality and imagination.

Tod, der Meister

An experimental film based off of the German poem.

Хороший фильм ужасов"Уединение" 2015

Главная » Фильмы онлайн » Фильмы ужасов » Уединение / Seclusion (2015) Уединение Постер Уединение / Seclusion ...

Elizabeth Stone

A short in which I describe my dreams.


A music video in which I play the love interest at a human-robot creating factory. Find me at 3:15.


I'm alone in my house and afraid that someone else is there. . .

Uncle Tabitha's Garden Teaser #1

This is a teaser for my upcoming independent, "Uncle Tabitha's Garden" produced by Proletariat Films and directed by Andy ...

wait, what trailer

A short trailer for the film "Wait, What?" in which I play the psycho ex-girlfriend.

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