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Ally Sheedy Talks Dark Comedy ‘Little Sister,' Teaching Film | TODAY

Actress Ally Sheedy is starring in a dark indie comedy called “Little Sister” where she plays a mother who suffers from manic ...


Ally Sheedy tribute in WARGAMES.

Ally Sheedy | From Baby to 56 Year Old

Ally Sheedy | From Baby to 56 Year Old

Ally Sheedy tribute

Tribute to Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) the "basket case" from the movie The Breakfast Club, direct by John Hughes. Song: Miss ...

Psych - James Roday and Dulé Hill interviewed by Ally Sheedy

James Roday and Dulé Hill discuss their favorites ways to connect with fans, James' failed stuntman dreams, Dulé accidentally ...

The Nina Turner Show: Educating and Engaging with Ally Sheedy

Actor Ally Sheedy, known for her roles in The Breakfast Club and X-Men, discusses being a teacher in the age of Trump and her ...

Best Scenes of Allison in Breakfast Club

emo even stemming from the 80's churn~

The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary Behind The Scenes - John Hughes (2015) - Ally Sheedy Movie HD

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Steam- Ally Sheedy-Movie

Three stories detail the love troubles of three women (Ally Sheedy, Ruby Dee, Kate Siegel) who cross paths in the steam room at ...

Ally Sheedy

Ally Sheedy chats with Corey Brunish about Short Circuit.


ally sheedy st elmo´s fire tribute.

The Breakfast Club // Molly Ringwald und Ally Sheedy // Interview // CINEMA-Redaktion

Fünf Highschoolschüler, die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, müssen zusammen nachsitzen und erfahren, dass sie mehr ...

The Breakfast Club - Principal Door Scene - Long

Hilarious scene from John Hughes's 1980s movie "The Breakfast Club" where the principal tries to prop the door open after John ...

Tribute to Ally Sheedy

Tribute to 1 of my favorite actresses of all time in the 1980s. Well known for iconic movies like the breakfast club and war games.

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