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Alana De La Garza - HoT Video Compilation

Fan Art for Alana De La Garza. She is Amazing! Video Compilation with: Forever - TV Series. Scorpion - TV Series. Mr. Dramatic ...

Talk Stoop with Law & Order, Alana de la Garza & Linus Roach - As Seen on New York Nonstop

You see the shows all the time, but to know what's really going on behind the scenes of Law & Order, listen in as Cat Greenleaf ...

Alana De La Garza Interview

Actor Alan De La Garza (Forever, Law and Order) chats with Matt Schichter in Toronto. PURCHASE Forever Season 1: ...

NOW TV Meets...Alana De La Garza from Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

BEWARE OF SPOILERS. Catherine from NOW TV meets Alana De La Garza to talk about her role in Criminal Minds: Beyond ...

Exclusive Interview with ‘Forever’ star Alana de la Garza

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Alana de la Garza answers fan questions - part 1

Alana de la Garza answers a question from Law & Order fan Dave Moore about the difference working with the cast in NYC & the ...

Alana de la Garza - Mortal Kombat Conquest 1999

Video with Alana who played Ella on Mortal Kombat Conquest - Episode 13 Twisted Truths.

Alana De La Garza American Actress Biography & Lifestyle

Quick Facts NICKNAME: Alana FULL NAME: Alana De La Garza PROFESSION: Actress NATIONALITY: American AGE (AS OF ...

Alana De La Garza - Do No Harm TV Series

Fan Art with Alana De La Garza and Do No Harm - TV Series (2013) Quote: For the most beautiful Person, Actress! A brilliant ...

Alana De La Garza Talks About Coming to LA from NYC & Law & Order: LA Monday on NBC at 10/9c.

Mrs. Dramatic - Alana De La Garza

Mr. Dramatic is short comedy from 2005 Fan Art for "Mr. Dramatic" and Alana De La Garza I don't own "Mr. Dramatic" I don't own ...

Alana de la Garza Talks FOREVER at NYCC - FOREVER star Alana de la Garza talks about her role on the series during New York Comic Con.

Alana De La Garza - One beautiful woman

This is my compilation with Alana De La Garza's pictures from tv series and public appearence.

Alana De La Garza

Alana De La Garza doing maxim photoshoot Music By Wil Deynes/

Playhouse Masters Ep5/Part 1 Playhouse to the Stars

Charmed breaks into Hollywood with actress Alana de la Garza who wants to foster her kids' love of science with an observatory ...

Alana de la Garza - CSI Miami part 7

Horatio and Marisol - 4x19 Driven.

Alana de la Garza sends a video love note to Law & Order: LA fans

Law & Order: LA Monday on NBC at 10/9c &

Alana de la Garza answers fan questions - part 3

Alana answers a question from fan Ger Ard Jr about the cast, how her character evolves from NYC to LA and whether we'll see ...

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